Why choose EFL Summer Schools?

1. Academic Excellence

We offer small intensive English classes, high levels of individual attention and engaging lessons. All classes utilise a communicative approach, focusing on improving English language skills and providing practical opportunities to use language within interesting and enjoyable activities. Your time with us will help you to feel more confident in your language skills, achieve your full potential and get to where you want to be - whether in school, higher education, work or simply for your own personal fulfilment. During your course you will be able to undertake an internationally recognised spoken English language test, receive an accredited certificate from the school and a detailed score report of your performance.

2. Expert Teachers

All teachers are fully qualified language teachers, with post graduate level qualifications and extensive experience of teaching English in British universities, colleges and summer school programmes. Teaching staff are committed to supporting learners to succeed and offer a balanced programme of communication and comprehension.

3. Fantastic Facilities

Our Nottingham summer school is situated within a short walk of the lively city centre. It has excellent facilities and resources to support you during your studies. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards and utilise the highest quality teaching and learning resources available. Our IT suites provide opportunities to use interactive materials to support and evaluate your language skills.

4. Great People

We welcome learners from throughout Europe and during your time with us you will have the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and form unforgettable memories.

5. Special Times

We understand the importance of using English outside the classroom environment. To support you in this we aim to provide a wide variety of opportunities through our social activities programme. These include visits to a number of famous cities, where you will be able to experience some of the UK's best tourist attractions. These also provide useful opportunities to practise the language you have learnt in the classroom, gain confidence in your language ability and develop the practical skills needed to communicate with others.

6. Supportive Staff

Our multilingual customer service team aim to provide you with the best advice and guidance from the moment we receive your initial enquiry. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the highest level of customer care throughout your summer school experience.

Nottingham Highschool
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